Sunday, August 1, 2010

Organic Rose Garden

More and more rose lovers enjoy organic rose gardening these days. Roses have been around for so many years, way before man started inventing inorganic chemicals. Back then, roses were able to grow just as well as they do now, maybe even better. By going back to using organic methods of raising rose plants, your roses will have a longer life span and you will also be saving your family and your pets from dangerous and toxic chemicals.

Before the dawn of man made inventions, nature did a fine job growing plants and sustaining wildlife. After man started to think of "better" ways to get things done, it led to the imbalance of the natural elements. The normal way that plants grow is by absorbing the water and nutrients from the soil with their roots. Their leaves achieve photosynthesis - the transformation of sunlight and water to energy.

Soil has organisms like worms, bacteria, and fungi growing in it. These organisms are responsible for decaying the dead materials and turning them into soil enriches. When you use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, you are destroying the organisms that naturally live in the soil. You are causing harm to the innate relationship between the soil and the plant. When helpful bacteria are removed from the soil, you are exposing your rose plants to harmful ones that can cause their destruction. Your roses can also become addicted to these chemicals and become dependent on them.

Organic rose gardening is quite easy and actually a lot more inexpensive than traditional way of growing roses. It only involves eliminating the use of pest control and chemical fertilizers. Aside from this, everything is pretty much done the same way. You feed the soil and maintain the plant the same way you normally do.

There are certain soils that need the help of fertilizers. What you can do is to grow a compost heap and put this in the soil. It is easy to start; you just collect dried leaves, plant and grass clippings, animal waste, and even things from your kitchen like fish heads and fruit peels. Put them all together and let them decompose. This can be very useful in your organic rose garden if you allow them to decompose properly.

Organic rose gardening does not use chemical pest control, but this does not leave you helpless against harmful insects that can eat their way through your plants. Instead of harmful insecticides, you can use wasps and lady bugs that prey on the pests. You can also use birds, frogs, snakes, and lizards for this purpose. If they do not work, you can always turn to organic pesticides.

Try doing some organic rose gardening, and you will be on your way to producing the best and the most wonderful-smelling blooms around.

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