Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Make Organic Compost

Urban agriculture has gained a lot of interest from urban dwellers over the years. This is why a lot of people are starting to make their very own mini farms right at their own backyards. As we all know, plants and produce need a lot of nutrients to grow beautifully. Usually fertilizers are used to supply the produce with the essential nutrients that it needs. But according to studies and environmentalists, chemical based fertilizers are bad for both the plant and the consumers of the produce. That is why it is really better to use organic fertilizers such as composts to aid the growth of the plants. So if you're planning to make your own urban farm, let me share to you how to make an organic compost that you could use.

The first thing that you have to do is to buy a compost bin. This bin should have a cover that is tightly fitted to help keep seal and maintain the moisture in the soil. Next, poke, or better yet, drill about 10 holes the bin so that air could still penetrate. You drill holes either on the sides of the bin or the bottom of the bin. Next, put used papers or newspapers or dry leaves that fell from your tree on the bottom of the bin until it is about one fourth full. Next, place soil from your garden on top of the first layer until the bin is about half full. Next, place the bin in a shaded area somewhere in your backyard. After that, you can now dump your food leftovers, papers, dead plants and basically other biodegradable stuff inside your compost bin. Stir it a bit until the soil has been incorporated with your biodegradable trash then spray it until it's moist. Note the word moist. After that, drill small holes on the cover of the compost bin. Then all you have to do after is to wait for about three to four months before you could use your very own organic compost.

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