Friday, November 14, 2008

New Grape variety

The work on introduction and evaluation of grape varieties suitable for agro-climatic conditions of Punjab is going on at P.A.U. Ludhiana. Under this project, a number of varieties and hybrids were introduced from different sources and evaluated for earliness, yield and quality characteristics. As a result of this program, one intra-specific hybrid-27, two inter-specific hybrids-516 and were introduced from ARI Pune. Out of these three hybrids, H-516 has shown promise under N-Indian conditions w.r.t. fruit yield, quality, juice content and its processing potential. H-516 was relatively more tolerant to anthracnose than the commercial varieties grown in this Northern region. Being a colored variety and having loose bunches, H-516 has an edge over Perlette. The number of clusters per vine and T.S.S. were recorded maximum in this hybrid as compared H-27, H-144 and the recommended cvs. Perlette and Flame Seedless. H-516 ripens in 2nd week of June. It is relatively more tolerant to pre-monsoon rains as compared to Perlette. Based on the experimental results, it has been found that the superior quality fruits and higher yield per unit area can be obtained from this variety by planting at a distance of 5 x 12 feet on Y-trellis system of training. This grape hybrid has the potential to widen the narrow varietal base of grapes under N-Indian conditions.

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