Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Grow Mandevilla

Plant madevillas in full sun or partial shade in a prepared container. Full sun is best for flower production. Provide well-drained, sandy soil amended with humus. Being a climber, this vine can be trained on a trellis or frame.

Pinch the stems of small plants to produce a bushier look and water consistently for adequate moisture.

Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer at regular intervals during the summer.

Keep the plant outside until the nights begin to cool down in the fall. At this time use a liquid fertilizer with a high phosphorus content. Wait about 3 weeks, then prune the vine to 1 foot above the soil line.

Bring inside to a sunny area and cut back on watering, letting the soil stay a little dry. Don't look for much growth during the winter. You are just trying to maintain the plant. Move it back outside in the spring after freeze danger is over.

Take cuttings in summer and dust the stems with rooting hormone to start new plants. They will root within a few weeks and be ready to grow in a container.

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