Sunday, July 11, 2010

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Whether you live in your own home and want to do organic vegetable gardening or if you live in a city apartment or condo, you can have your own organic garden. There are those that live in their own home and have a yard to plant their organic garden or those that live in the city can have a roof-top or balcony garden in raised beds.

When organic vegetable gardening remember how good it is for you and your family. When you purchase fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, you have no idea how much DDT or other pesticides are on the produce. You would not want your child to ingest these carcinogens and poisons. With organic vegetable gardening you know that your vegetables are safe and healthy for you and family.

To get started with organic vegetable gardening you need to purchase organic seeds. You may buy them at your local nursery or from a mail order. It is beneficial to start planting your seeds indoors as indoor seeds have a higher success rate. You will want to make sure you plant the seeds in soil that is kept at room temperature. Keep the seeds in a well lighted area. Do not give the seeds too much water. Once you see that your seeds have grown two leaves with more leaves on the way, you will need to plant them into a large biodegradable container. Space the plants at least two to three inches apart from each other.

You can get your organic soil ready. Organic soil consists of old fruits, vegetables, fish, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc., that you have been tossing out. Make sure you place the compost pile in an area that has not been treated previously with non-organic crops. If you only have areas where non-organic crops have been planted, make sure you work the unwanted chemicals out of the soil. Working the unwanted chemicals out of the soil may take you some time.

Once your compost is ready you can spread it in your garden two to three inches thick. Organic compost is wonderful for good drainage, growth and as a fertilizer.

Animals are good for organic vegetable gardening. Cows, sheep or goats will help you by weeding the crops, fertilizing and pest control. Chicken droppings will help your compost. Bugs are also good for organic vegetable gardening. Ladybugs will eat the pests that want to ruin your organic garden.

You will love the fact that organic vegetable gardening is cheaper than buying organic and non-organic vegetables from the grocery store. The natural process of organic gardening is actually less expensive as you do not have to buy expensive chemicals.

One will have peace of mind knowing that your beloved family is eating healthier vegetables than those in the grocery store with the toxic chemicals.

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