Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hydroponics Culture

Chrysanthemum grow in aggregate is very simple and easy process. I cultivate mainly many chrysanthemum of big variety and all the small variety in aggregate. In this process I use mainly cinder and sand. Mix two particles into 70:30 ratios. Fill the aggregate in the pot. Collects the fresh cuttings of chrysanthemum stem and plant them directly in aggregate. After 7 days apply 2 grams of chemical fertilizer in each pot.

Chemical Mixture
Ammonium Sulphate - 250 gm
Potassium Nitrate – 100 gm
Potasium Sulphate – 50 gm
Super Phosphate – 200 gm
Magnecium Sulphate – 200 gm
Agromin -20 gm

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